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Change.org Petition Fights Facebook "Pay to Reach" Function

The rising popularity of social media has made it increasingly easy and important for artists or any public figure to connect with their fans through platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Platforms like Facebook have given artists a channel to speak directly to their true fans, something that is invaluable in today's information era. Facebook has taken advantage of this new social media age with the advent of their “Pay to Reach” function, an integral revenue stream for the social media giant. Facebook’s “Pay to Reach” function forces Facebook Page owners to pay to push their content onto their follower's Facebook News Feed, and it has become an integral component in the way that Facebook Pages share information.

A Change.org petition spearheaded by Christopher Murray, vocalist of the indie band Illuminate Me, has surfaced, asking Facebook to remove the “Pay to Reach” function from their website. The petition claims that by forcing page owners to pay to reach their followers, Facebook is essentially acting as a gatekeeper between music acts or other businesses, and the organic followers that they have acquired. This petition is relevant not only in the music industry, where connecting with fans is crucial for artists, but it is relevant in just about every industry, particularly for small, locally owned businesses.

To further illustrate Murray’s point, digital marketing agency, Flightpath, took a look at the Facebook promotion numbers of their clients from January 2014 to June 2014, noticing that the expenses paid to promote posts have nearly doubled in that time frame, while the reach from each of the paid posts has gradually declined over time.

While the petition may not lead to direct change, it shines the spotlight on this important issue. The petition currently has nearly 32,000 supporters, and needs 50,000 signatures to make an impact.

Sign the petition here.

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