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Diplo Teases Jack U's Debut Album Release Date

It appears as though Diplo has been just as excited as his fans for the long awaited Jack U album release. Diplo confirmed the collaboration project with himself and Skrillex would come out in February in an interview with CBS at this year's Grammys: 

Diplo's eagerness may have forced him to jump the gun on announcing the release when he posted the following picture. The image was deleted a few minutes after posting and read, "Three Days...". This could be the very first confirmation of an official release date for the Jack U project, which if true, would be Thursday February 26th, 2015. There are 2 different photos that we received and apparently at one point the photo said, "Three Days...or nah". 

We can only hope he's not pulling the troll of the year, since most albums do drop on Tuesdays, but we can confirm this was up on his account temporarily. As you can see by some of his posts below, he's been very eager all week. 

Me waiting for the JACKÜ album

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