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Hackers Steal Burning Man 2015 Tickets During Sale

Ticket sales for high-profile festivals have become near-bloody affairs, with thousands of hopefuls hammering their refresh buttons in hopes to scoring highly coveted festival passes. Burning Man transformed from a grassroots event to a mainstream extravaganza in recent years, and the subsequent ticket demand has gone through the roof. The 2015 edition of Burning Man released its general on-sale passes on February 18, and 200 Silicon Valley hackers managed to cheat the system and skip directly to the front of the ticket line. 

Burning Man organizers announced on February 20 that they will track down the hackers in their system history and cancel their stolen ticket purchases. The Burning Man ticket system utilized an online ticket queue, placing each user in a digital waiting line similar to the systems used for festivals such as Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld, and the fact that hackers felt the urge to steal these tickets from other hard-working Burners is truly disheartening. Burning Man organizers have announced efforts to prevent more hacks during future ticket sales, although no further comments have been made on a new ticketing method.

Burning Man will be held at Black Rock Desert in Nevada on August 30-September 7, 2015. Watch the 2013 Burning Man documentary below:

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