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EDM.com Spotlight

Whiplash Trailer Parody Mocks EDM

Don’t worry about the music, just steal samples from other people.

Following the original storyline, Nacho Punch recreated the Oscar nominated film Whiplash to fit the life of an aspiring DJ. This hilarious trailer parody replaces jazz with big room house, and incorporates a handful of EDM fads from Steve Aoki's cake throwing to stealing samples. Nacho Punch even threw in a Pauly D reference, covering all spectrums of the electronic dance movement.

If you've seen the unedited version of the trailer, you'll notice an assemblage of similarities between the actual movie and the parody. Nacho Punch calls out all the essentials in their parody trailer titled DJ Wh1PLA$H from popping molly to pushing play on his laptop. The parody features an aspiring DJ Wh1PLA$H who attends Skrillex Academy, one of the top EDM schools in the nation, and pretty much hits the nail on the head from there on. 

You can watch the parody trailer below.

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