EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

New Eco-Friendly Turntables Use Hardwood To Spin Music

Turntable technology has evolved significantly as electronic dance music grows in prominence across the globe. DJing equipment no longer requires physical vinyl records, and some rigs even come equipped with an automatic syncing button. The newest innovation in turntable technology is more noticeably green than seen in previous innovations. Silvan Audio Workshop has created a turntable made out of wood from American black walnut trees and finished with parts from audio equipment company Rega. The company has created a Kickstarter to produce more of these unique turntables, and a donation of $750 is rewarded with a handmade-constructed hardwood turntable. 

Visit the Silvan Audio Workshop Kickstarter page to donate. Watch a video detailing the hardwood turntables below:

[H/T: Beatport]

Photo credit: Silvan Audio Workshop 

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