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DJs Forced To 'Pay To Play' At Unofficial Ultra Pre-Party

Since 1985, the weeklong extravaganza known as Miami Music Week routinely brings in the industry’s elite and EDM fans of all genres together in order to celebrate good music while networking at the same time. Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival make up the main attraction of the event, which is scheduled to hold thousands of attendees across downtown Miami, with a plethora club and pool parties left and right. As Miami's premier electronic dance music gathering quickly approaches, it appears that moral integrity is at an all-time low. EDM.com received insight on a strange and disheartening situation that sets an embarrassing precedent for the industry.

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that some WMC parties and their promoters are not being as morally outstanding as they should. Promoters of Club Jazid in downtown Miami are some of the many promoters trying to assemble a WMC party, yet approached their booking techniques a little different than the standard for a South Florida event on March 27th, 2015.

As you can see in the email above, the promoters are in essence asking DJs to pay their way on to the line up. The email states, “Dj's are required to pre purchase 50 tickets for $300 to be on line up,” which implies that talent and experience are of little value to the promoters and venue as a whole.

This means that the DJs would receive no compensation for playing the event unless they were to sell over 15 tickets, while the DJs would collect roughly $700 if all tickets were to be sold over $20. They are also asking the DJs to do their jobs, which is to promote the event and sell tickets. Note that the promoter asks DJs to adhere to a strict hour-long set and to respect the following DJ, which suggests moral standards are a concern of the venue. 

The venue is playing on the assumption that DJs hold WMC to be such an honor that they would pay to pad their resume. This is taking advantage of the DJ struggle and shouldn't be tolerated. Ultimately, Winter Music Conference should not support this kind of behavior as it focuses on the monetary values within EDM rather than passion for the music and respecting for the artist.

Cover photo via Miami.com

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