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Flume Talks New Album And The Cereal Box That Started His Career

In an interview with the New York Times, 2014 breakout sensation Flume and his manager, Thaddeus Rudd, discussed the artist’s meteoric trajectory in the music world and its greater implications on the business model of modern EDM artists. The topics addressed ranged from the revenue breakdown of Flume’s brand to his quirky origins as a producer.

Perhaps most interesting, Rudd provided as yet unheard-of earnings figures. In 2014, Flume brought in revenue in the low seven figures, only roughly 60% of which came from live performances. The rest came from record deals, streaming, and television ad/video game placement.

Flume also teased information about an orchestral strings-heavy single that will appear on his upcoming full-length album. “I wanted it to be something that could be in a huge film,” he said, “but then contrast that with a beat that could be from a hip-hop track from Brooklyn that some kid made.”

He also discussed the chain of events that led him to music production, purporting to have found a CD tucked in a cereal box which contained a production program. He also credits a Bon Iver song as the origin of the name Flume, which he adopted in his late teens. 

Read the New York Times article in its entirety here.

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