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Christian Rock Artist Releases “Folktronica” Album

Christian contemporary singer/songwriter David Crowder has released Neon Steeple, a solo album which combines the banjo-picking twang of his previous work in the David Crowder Band with elements of EDM. The stylistic fusion, which he’s dubbed “folktronica,” departs only slightly from his acoustic roots; most songs on the album feature no electronic influences while tracks like “Come Alive” have little more than a four-four beat incorporated into the mixing.

Crowder also claims to have updated his stage show to reflect the changes in his creative direction. “It’s our second outing with this music,” he said. “We’ve built an entire front porch that’s out on the stage. It looks like you’ve walked into a Cracker Barrel, except for the beat drop lasers shooting out your screen door.”

Crowder also said that he “tries not to think about” whether his particular brand of worship music will be remembered as time passes. He is currently touring throughout the East Coast and midwest, with his next show taking place in Indianapolis, IN on February 26th.

[H/T: The Charleston Gazette]

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