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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Previews DJ Hanzel's First Release

You have to hand it to Dillon Francis; he is one of the most entertaining online personalities in the EDMsphere and beyond. His comical mockudonym, DJ Hanzel, is known for going to the deepest depths of "von deeper' but has still been reluctantly absent from the recording world of official releases. This all changed one fateful evening when the internet's breadcrumbs lead us to a short clip of a track produced by DJ Hanzel & Drezo. In order to curb our curiosity, we hit up the elusive artist, and he responded as follows:

Check out the collab, DJ Hanzel X Drezo - "Anxiety" below:

We know this preview is just getting you warmed up so check out one of DJ Hanzel's best mixes:


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