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EDM.com Spotlight

Jack U Is Throwing A 24-Hour Streaming DJ Party

Jack Ü announced that a 24-hour “marathon DJ Party” can be streamed from Beatport’s channel on social gaming platform Twitch starting at 12:00 PM PST. The collaborative project between bass music icons Skrillex and Diplo has made no information about the event available other than a whimsical flyer posted to their Facebook page.


Unsurprisingly, the chat column on Beatport’s Twitch channel is flooded with users from all over the world in the wake of Jack Ü’s cryptic invitation. In the hours leading up to the start of the event, only a countdown to the beginning of the event can be seen by those tuning in.


While what the event consists of has yet to be seen, it’s safe to say it’ll showcase live sets by Jack Ü and associated acts, as well as the tongue-in-cheek comedy Diplo’s known for on social media. Fans anticipate that this will lead to the release of the debut Jack U album, which is rumored to be released today.

Check back with EDM.com for updates on this developing story, or stream the 24-hour event here.


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