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Watch Steve Aoki's El Paso Show Get Shut Down Due To Sewage Leak

As Steve Aoki carries out his headlining North American tour Neon Future, it appears that his El Paso, Texas show was postponed due to an interesting situation. This short documentary covering his Texas shows in Austin, El Paso, and Houston capture the moment Aoki discovers that he wouldn't be performing for the hyped crowd chanting his name in the main room. A distressed Aoki tells the camera, "I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not safe, and we can’t have my fans dancing in shit.” 

The Dim Mak founder continued the show at a different venue, although was quickly forced to shut down by police. Check out the Neon Future experience below as Aoki fans were blissfully unaware that they were going hard in the poo.

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Cover photo via F-StyleXXX

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