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EDM.com Spotlight

Krewella's Rain Man Comes Out Of Hiding

After several weeks in late 2014 of back and forth shit-slinging between ex-Krewella bandmate Rain Man and the Yousaf sisters, who are the only remaining members of Krewella, the two parties have gone their separate ways leaving Krew fans in a state of bewilderment. Although Krewella has been quiet since the great schism, Rain Man has ever so often surfaced in the EDMosphere with evidence that he isn't leaving dance music any time soon. 

Marking a return to live performances, Rain Man will play at Buygore's Miami Music Week showcase at The National on March 29th. He will be joined by headliners Borgore, Panda Funk, Jauz and many more. There has been little development in his solo production career aside from collabing with Mat Devine on the Hunter Square project and uploading a short clip on his solo Soundcloud account. 

You can listen to Rain Man's "Sup Dude" clip below:

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