EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Learning To DJ Just Got Even More Accessible Thanks To Chew.tv

Chew is the new online social platform that allows aspiring DJs to learn from one another and interact online.

Originating from the same concept as the gaming platform Twitch.tv, the gaming site that allows gamers to interact with each other online in order to learn how to play. Chew provides a similar online music community that allows DJ's to support each other, watch each other, learn from each other and ultimately gain a wealth of knowledge and skills from other users.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Chew co-founder Wil Benton stated “It’s estimated there are over a million professional DJs around the world, and millions more amateurs. And, of course, there are the hundreds of millions of dance music fans. There are forums where you can discuss DJing and there are sites where you can upload your DJ mixes. But there’s no single online community that lets DJs support, teach, make a name for themselves – or even discover the next big thing. We’re changing that.”

In order to keep the platform as interactive and interesting as possible, Chew users are expected to offer access to the audio from their video stream, allowing followers to discuss technique and listen to sets simultaneously. Those participating are given the opportunity to tap into a passionate community of professional and amateur dance music DJs, who are both consumers and creators, and gives users the flexibility to pick and choose who they want to watch, follow and which sets they want to replay. 

For more info, head to: http://chew.tv

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