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Martinez Brothers Team Up with Nile Rodgers' Chic on "I'll Be There"

'70s disco mainstay Nile Rodgers is releasing a track through his band, Chic, titled "I'll be there" later in the month, and he's enlisted Bronx house music favorites Martinez Brothers to contribute percussive elements. Rodgers reentered the mainstream radar by collaborating with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories in 2013 and winning three Grammys for his contributions, and his upcoming track follows the same stylistic vein.

Martinez Brothers' bongos and claps add a club-friendly element to the otherwise guitar and brass section-driven track. Seeing as how all dance music ultimately spawned from disco, Rodgers' continued involvement with contemporary EDM artists is easier to swallow than a lot of collaborations between old and new musicians. Rodgers just released the instrumental track on his YouTube channel with the video below:


Chic is slated to release the full track with added vocal samples on March 20. Martinez Brothers will continue their world tour with a gig at State in Argentina on the same date.

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