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SunLabz Releases Solar Powered Hydration Pack That Can Charge Your Phone

Anyone who has been to a music festival knows the struggles of carrying around their cell phone. Trying to coordinate schedule times, taking photos/videos, or even connect with friends to find your way home eventually leads to a very short battery life, and for many, it can create an incredibly inconvenient experience.

Alas, the SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack has arrived, and it is a hybrid hydration pack, much like a Camelbak, that also serves as a phone charger thanks to its solar panel.

The way it works is simple: It can carry 1.8 liters of water, the perfect size for any festival-goer, and the pack comes paired with a 7W solar panel, which collects energy and allows you to charge your phone through a 5V USB connection. Priced at a modest $79.99, this hydration pack is perfect for any festival-goer, and you can grab one for yourself on Amazon.

[H/T Dancing Astronaut]


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