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EDM.com Spotlight

Aphex Twin Releases Another 30 Demos Through SoundCloud Alias

Last year, electronic music pioneer Aphex Twin dazzled the world with his first full-length album in over a decade. His recent release of Computer Controlled Instruments Pt.2 demonstrated that the effort wouldn't be a flash in the pan, as did a subsequent SoundCloud stunt - but after fans expected that he'd finally exhausted all of his unreleased work, the IDM icon just released 30 more tracks.

While the dubious identity of SoundCloud profile user48736353001 has yet to be officially linked to Aphex Twin, it matches his penchant for unorthodox promotional strategies. Each of the new releases is tagged "#AFX," one of his other aliases, and his unmistakeable style pervades throughout each ambient, slowly-building composition. The attention garnered by each new release - official or otherwise - proves that his extended absence from the world of dance music didn't dampen the demand for his music or make him any less prolific of an artist.

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