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EDM.com Spotlight

Converse Launches Free Sample Library Through Rubber Tracks

Clothing and shoe manufacturer Converse, originator of the iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker design, announced that it will make over 10,000 samples available for free through the Rubber Tracks Sample Library. The library is an offshoot of the company's Converse Rubber Tracks program, an initiative which provides free recording studio time for bands and artists in a handful of major cities.

The library, which boasts over 10,000 samples and promises to expand, resulted as a coordinated effort between Converse and Indaba Music, an online social network which provides resources for musicians. The samples originated from over 125 artists such as Matrixxman, James Poyser and Adam Blackstone, and over 20 famous musicians have already agreed to create original tracks from the samples as a promotional strategy - including RJD2, Com Truise and Shigeto.


In a statement, Indaba cofounder Dan Zaccagnino said,

"With so many musicians having professional recording capabilities in their homes and on their laptops, sampling recorded content has become an integral part of the music creation process. Indaba has been a leader in providing creative opportunities and unprecedented access to source material to musicians for a decade. Working with Converse to develop such a ground-breaking resource for musicians is truly in the spirit of both companies."

Converse Rubber Tracks also still accepts online applications for free recording studio time at locations in Brooklyn, Boston, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Toronto.

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