EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Dotes by um.. is Not Your Average Trap Tune

The state of trap music is in an interesting place today - there is a strong collection of artists that have defined the scene for what it is today, providing a "mainstream" outlet for the 808-influenced beats and hip-hop vocal-laden tracks, and then there is an even larger collection of up-and-coming acts that are finding their place in the growing, diversified movement.

um.. is one up-and-coming duo that is not taking the traditional route, and their scarce discography already shows a great amount of potential for themselves and the genre they are pioneering. After graduating from the illustrious Icon Collective in California, Dylan Gold and Ben Bruce came together with a collective goal of "filling the void" that has yet to be discovered. Their previous releases "i dont know" and their flip of AWE's "Griffin" have already give us a glimpse of their no-holds-barred future trap style, and their latest original "dotes" undoubtedly cements their unique direction as a force to be reckoned with in the coming year. Take a listen to the EDM.com premiere of "dotes" below:

When describing their sound, Dylan notes "Our music has a playful feeling, while maintaining top level quality production, that’s refreshing in a time where producers take their music too seriously and sacrifice creativity for commercial sounding tracks. We are not interested in following any other artist’s path. We believe in creation without creative boundaries and we demonstrate that through our music. Without saying anything more, I think the music speaks for itself."

Be on the lookout for these talented producers, as they will be streamlining their way into your SoundClouds and iTunes in record time.

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