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KDrew Premieres Music Video for 'Let Me Go' on MTV

KDrew has teamed up with MTV & CraveOnline to premiere the new music video for his single “Let Me Go” off of his recent EP, Signals, released by Good Game Records. The video for the infectious electro house track features cameos by collaborating artists Rico & Miella, as well as KDrew himself.

The video tells a story of a forbidden romance set against the backdrop of a 1950s Americana theme, which complements the dramatic buildup and climactic synth lead. KDrew’s top-of-the-line production values promise that “Let Me Go” will have a long lifetime of inclusion in DJ sets all around the world, and it further solidifies his greater body of genre-spanning releases.

Watch the music video for "Let Me Go" below:

Purchase "Let Me Go" and the rest of the Signals EP on iTunes here!

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