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EDM.com Spotlight

Skream Explains Dubstep To Zeds Dead

Canadian bass duo Zeds Dead just released their latest Coffee Break by THUMP video, which featured an interview with proto-dubstep legend Skream at Buku Music + Art Project in New Orleans, LA. The UK DJ/producer, who as of late has taken to condemning EDM in interviews, discussed the past and present of dubstep while sipping from a bottle of Grey Goose.

Among the more noteworthy quotes in the interview was Skream’s citation of Horsepower’s remix of “Log On” by Elephant Man as the track for which the term dubstep came into use, as the track blended elements of two-step garage and Jamaican dancehall which relied on the use of dub plates. He went on to explain that with the proliferation of live performance programs like Serato, the use of dub plates became an antiquity by the time dubstep exploded in the US market.

Check out Zeds Dead's Coffee Break with Skream below:

Past editions of Zeds Dead’s Coffee Breaks have featured interviews with the likes of Tommy Sunshine and Dillon Francis. The duo will continue their tour with a show at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR.

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