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EDM.com Spotlight

ZHU Reveals More Personal Details Before Grammys

In an interview with the LA Times, house music innovator ZHU divulged new details about his identity, upbringing and professional history in the music industry. The timing of the interview makes sense as the Grammy Awards take place on Sunday and his breakout track, “Faded,” is nominated for best dance recording.

ZHU had already revealed that his full name was Stephen Zhu in 2014 and that he was 25 years old, he went on to talk about how he was born and raised in San Fransisco and moved to Los Angeles, and that he started out in the music business as as a ghostwriter - although he declined to say for whom, and that the tracks were “nothing big.” 

As could be expected, the artist steered the interview toward the topic of the music itself whenever possible. "This project is all about art, and we try to make it all about the songs and the response," he said. "Being able to have everyone focus back on music is the first step. But the second is to have influence and have people care."


Zhu’s manager, Jake Udell of Th3rdbrain, who manages Krewella, and is largely credited for the artist’s slow reveal. As other big names have paved the way in the annonymous game, like UZ and Weeknd, the success of ZHU has proven to be a successful formula. If an artist can win a grammy while remaining mostly shrouded in mystery, the EDM movement may prove to be more true to the music than those that occurred before it.

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