EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Destroid's KJ Sawka Thanks His Fans With An Exclusive EDM.com Mix

KJ Sawka's impact on bass music is a big one.  From his work with Pendulum to forming the groundbreaking band Destroid with Excision and Downlink, KJ keeps his finger to the pulse of the most lethal sub frequenices of the spectrum. For this reason it is no suprise that he is amassing quite a following for his solo work. To give back to all 50k of his Facebook fans, he has given EDM.com an exclusive mix that rupture the ground right beneath your feet. 

"I've been playing many of these tunes in my sets for the past year or so.  I really love mixing up the BPM's and styles of Bass Music.  Most of the artists in this mix are people that Destroid and I have collaborated with and or have known for many years. 

Many of the tunes in my sets are all stemmed out for me to play the drum parts and other parts.  This makes for a really interesting and very unique set filled with on the spot VIP's each and every time.  My mixes tell a story of what I'm listening to at the time and how my live sets come together.  This is a special mix for everyone getting my page up to 50,000 likes.  I am very grateful." - KJ SAWKA

1. Phase One - Chronic
2. Pegboard Nerds - 20k - Aero Chord remix
3. Armless and the Bones - Skin Band
4. Barely Alive - Speakers Vibrate - KJ VIP
5. KJ Sawka, Downlink, Dirtyphonics unreleased
6. Los Angeles ft Modestep Protohype remix
7. The Crying Spell - Sailing On - KJ Sawka remix
8. Them Lost Boys - Elbows up
9. Destroid - Bounce - KJ Sawka VIP
10. Will Bailey - Spider
11. Destroid - Put it Down - Crizzly remix
12. Hydra - Dirt Monkey
13. Axonic - Citadel
11. Cell Dweller - Lost in Time - KJ Sawka Remix
12. Axonic - Citadel
13. Excision, Downlink - Headbanga / The Firm - Bassline Skanka - Destroid Mash up
14. Excision, Downlink - Robo Kitty
15. Excision, Downlink, Mark the Beast - Go Low
16. Mayhem, Downlink, Faces of Def Carcosa
17. Terravita, KJ Sawka - Atlantic Drifter
18. KJ Sawka - Wild Fire
19. Noisia - Astroids
20. Axonic - Stomp
21. Downlink - Hotel Trap
22. Aero Chord, Gawtbass - Secret
23. Habstrakt, Megalodon - Yabb Dabs
24. Destroid - Bounce - Mayhem & Antiserum Remix 


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