Bassnectar, Pretty Lights And More Contribute Music To Online Game

A recent release of downloadable content (DLC) for multiplayer online game League of Legends features collaborative efforts involving EDM icons Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Dada Life and The Crystal Method. While it’s certainly not the first time EDM artists have worked alongside game developers, the DLC raises the bar on how players can interactively connect with the music contributed.

The DLC takes the form of a playable character’s new "skin", a digital outfit bought with real-world cash that permits the player to use new functions within the game. For the character Sona, players can buy a skin called DJ Sona, which, in addition to changing the character’s in-game appearance, allows the player to choose from three interactive music themes to listen to during play. 

The first theme, “Concussive,” was a collaboration between Bassnectar and rock musician Renholdër with an accordingly heavy vibe:

The softer “Ethereal” blended the style of Pretty Lights with that of LA-based producer Nosaj Thing:


The liveliest theme, “Kinetic,” was an effort between Dada Life and The Crystal Method:


Suffice it to say, Riot Games has upped the ante on how game developers treat EDM crossovers into the online game market. The company has made all three themes available as a free download.

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