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EDM.com Spotlight

British Scholar Creates Electronic Music Using Metal Refuse

Jordan Ryan is a 32 year-old from London who is currently a student in Hong Kong. When he isn’t hitting the books, Ryan entertains a unique hobby of making "DIY electronics." Collecting discarded metals, the innovator creates rudimental technology that allow him to present an EDM show. The audiovisual experience produced is a combination of sounds and sparks that are initiated when simple electric circuits run through basic metals.

The synthesis of homemade equipment, strobe lights, and a smoke machine make up Ryan’s 30-minute EDM performances. They are never recorded, as Ryan believes that it wouldn’t do the experience justice.

Ryan’s interest in building his own equipment lies with his longstanding passion for EDM and his academic studies in sonic and computer art. As a current PhD candidate at City University’s creative media school, Ryan’s future plans include building an entire sound system. We can only hope that he will someday take these talents to the road, showcasing not only his technology but the spectacle it produces as well.

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