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EDM.com Spotlight

Touring 101 With UK Duo The Squatters

Travelling is rarely a convenient process, especially when it comes to touring. The frequency at which artists must drive, sail, or fly to their next performance can be a bit difficult at times, and considering how few performers can afford the luxury of a private plane, a 5 star hotel, and free ground transportation, sometimes a DJ just has to learn to "squat" his of her way through their show schedule.

"Squatting" is the act of crashing at random, unspecified locations while travelling, and the UK-based duo The Squatters know more than a thing or two about this nomadic life. They have created a list of their seven favorite places to properly "squat," so take a listen to their latest remix of Greg Stainer & Scott Forshaw "Touch Tonight" and start taking notes!

1. The Club - "Every club has a green room, and this is normally a great sleeping option because most have a comfy, party-stained sofa! After a heavy night smashing the club, you can normally get a couple of hours sleep before the venue asks you to leave."

2. The After-Club - "As we have proven, it is possible to sleep in a club. Back in 2009, one of us wore sunglasses and went to sleep while the other one watched out for the Security and pretended to keep the conversation going. It’s not an ideal option but it worked for us. Think Weekend At Bernie’s and you’re on the right lines."

3. Your Vehicle - "Sleeping in a vehicle has been a common occurrence for us since day one, especially when playing at festivals and we've forgotten our tent. Ideally we’ll sleep in the car, or if it’s too hot, we tend to sleep underneath them. However, you have to be very careful because if it is on soft ground the vehicle could sink!"

4. A Bathtub - "The bathtub is not strange place to sleep after or even during a party. This destination has been used widely around the world mainly due to the fact it is human-sized and the safest place in an earthquake."

5. #1 Fan’s House - "There are three positives to staying in a number one fan’s house and one negative:

1. You will get looked after very well.

2. You will probably get a bed.

3. Possibly breakfast too.

However, this could be a dangerous option as you could very well be detained against your own will and the possibility of stumbling across a shrine made out of chewing gum and bits of card are very high."

6. Tour Bus - "The tour bus is a conventional place to stay when on tour, however some management companies don't allow non-tour members to sleep, party, or stay on the vehicle. In this case, we find that the best place to have a party is under the living quarters where the luggage goes - we have done this both before and after the show."

7. Outside - "You can't beat a night in the great outdoors. One time after the show we decided to just go and sleep in the park on a nice patch of grass; this was really lovely falling asleep looking up at the stars, however waking up covered in ants wasn't quite so great"

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