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Diplo Announces Upcoming Albums For Jack Ü, Major Lazer and Madonna

In a recent interview with Tyler Oakley at this years Grammy's it became apparent that Diplo was in the thick of an incredibly busy few months. 

Diplo discussed upcoming album releases for Jack Ü and Major Lazer, both of which are set to closely follow the release of Madonna's album, which Diplo helped to produce. 

"The Madonna album’s out in March, I did a lot of her album. Then there’s Major Lazer, my project which I did with Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Travis Scott, Pusha-T, Gwen Stefani. That comes out in April. And with Skrillex I did an album called Jack Ü that’s out this month that’s really cool." 

The albums may still be a few weeks away from being released, but if you follow Diplo on Snapchat, or are fortunate enough to catch one of his shows, you're certainly no stranger to hearing previews of his upcoming and current work. 

Take a look at the full interview with Tyler Oakley below: 

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