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EDM.com Spotlight

New Apple Commercial Paints The iPad As An Essential Tool For Musical Creators

Just in time for the Grammy Awards, Apple has debuted their latest advertisement for the iPad.  The commercial advertises the iPad's ability to be used as a tool for every stage of the musical creative process. The tablet's features allow users to produce songs, write lyrics, make beats, film performances and record ideas anywhere, at anytime.  

The commercial features Parisian film director So Me, who uses the iPad to shoot the video, as well as LA’s very own Gaslamp Killer and Mad Decent’s Elliphant. For the advertisement, the two artists compose and perform a song live using only iPads and their creativity. 

Since 2009, the product has reportedly been a core element of Gaslamp Killer's creative process both in the studio and his live sets. The close relationship he has with the device led to Apple reaching out to him for their latest ad, which is a huge opportunity for any artist of any calibre especially when the commercial aired amidst the Grammys. Such commercials cost an estimated $2 million dollars for the one minute of air time. 

The tagline of the campaign reads 'Everything Changes With Ipad' and the Apple website goes on to mention: "The iPad is changing how we live, work, and create more and more each day." Will Bensussen, a.k.a. Gaslamp Killer recently told Billboard, "you can only have so many big giant keyboards in your house, and it's an extremely dynamic tool for creating music from scratch as well as spicing up music that I've already made."

While an onslaught of new technology seems to be taking the traditional and most-loved methods out of both DJing and production, the appeal of smaller devices is obvious for travelling artists. 

Take a look at the full commercial below and let us know your thoughts. 

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