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New Kygo Track Featured In Ultra Music Festival Trailer

The Ultra Music Festival trailers always exceed expectations, dazzling viewers with slick editing and fantastic soundtracks. With the 2015 festival creeping up, Ultra organizers have begun to kick promotion into high gear. The newest trailer for Ultra, titled "Ultra + Miami = Paradise", only runs for a minute and fifty six seconds, but its brevity works in getting future attendees even more excited.

Perhaps more interestingly, the video post abstained from identifying the song featured in the trailer, simply labeling it as an ID. However, it appeared that through some digging in the video's metadata, we found that the video was originally called "KYGO FINAL."

Generally Ultra posts the tracklists to its videos, and this tease suggests a new song from the popular artist. Kygo released one of his only original tracks "Firestone" a few months ago, and this new track could very represent another look into the producer's upcoming album. 

Ultra Music Festival will take place in Miami on March 27-29. Watch the new trailer below:

Cover photo credit: Kygo 

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