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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 42

We could not resist calling in some big boppers for our 42nd showdown

10. Datsik x Bear Grillz x Twine - Triple Threat (Ft. General Jah Mikey)

When three of the most infamous names in the industry step into the studio together, something special is bound to come out of it. Snapping out of his brief hibernation, Bear Grillz quickly bounced back into the bass music spotlight with his Unbearable EP. Consisting of four tracks in total, his all-out aural assault with close mates Datsik & Twine makes for one hell of a hairy adventure. Sharpen your swords my young samurais, because you are definitely going to need them if you plan on defending yourself against "Triple Threat." As for this song's vocal ringleader, General Mikey Jah adds the kind of reggae flavor that these dubstep ninjas have been known to utilize in the past. Drops this deceptively heavy are a hazard to your health.

9. Trilla - Total Fuckup (Acting Damage Remix) (EDM.com)

I can vividly remember learning of Acting Damage when he was chosen as one of the winners for JPhelpz's "Biggup King" remix competition. Since then, I have watched this producer continue to meticulously dismember and disembowel every piece of music that he lays his hands on. He is surgical with the bass. Plus, it is difficult not to take notice of a musician that is perpetually exploring the untrodden territories of aggressively hard dubstep. Whether he is melting faces or causing brains to explode, Acting Damage's sound is everything you are not accustomed to. Just when you thought you had EDM all figured out, the drops in this "Total Fuckup" remix bombard you with a towering wave of nonstop grime. My advice is to go with the flow.

8. Nero - Innocence (RIOT Remix)

Remixes have really helped transform dance music into what it is today. Let's be honest people, unless you happen to be an incredibly accomplished producer, it is much more challenging to get recognized for your original works. The downside to this way of thinking is that the so-called "mainstream" and "popular" tracks now leave themselves vulnerable to countless remix procedures. It's just inevitable. Why would you remix an underground tune? Why remix something that is outdated? Why even bother to remix something outside of your genre comfort zone? These questions will always be asked. However, by digging back into the archives with this "Innocence" resurrection, RIOT sends a clear message that they do not give a damn what the masses make of their dubstep shenanigans. Good luck sitting still during these absurdly energetic drops; it's not going to happen.

7. Slosh - Partyboy

All of our Jackass fans out there are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with this sizable tune from Slosh. If nothing else, it will certainly bring a smile to your face. Constructed around an introduction and bridge that use the theme song from Chris Pontius' Partyboy sketch, this banger does a complete 180° when the downright frightening drops finally kick in. Talk about coming out of left field, this bloody dubstep massacre could not have been predicted by even the wisest of fortune tellers. Having said that, my instincts tell me that this producer knew precisely what he was doing when he coupled that wacky opening with the crunchy bass aftertaste. I expect all of you to bust out your best Partyboy moves for this raunchy rump-shaker.

6. Excision - Codename X

Excision just never gets old. His sound is always evolving, his style constantly transforms, and he never shies away from pushing the boundaries of bass music. These are the characteristics that have helped Jeff Abel distinguish himself amongst a deepening pool of dance music producers. I often hear critics suggest that his work has lost its authenticity over the years and that they are no longer supporters - but you would have to be an absolute twat (or thot) not to recognize the greatness that follows this musician around. Sure, X might not be all about the filthy wub wubs like he used to be. Nonetheless, I would dare anybody to look over the Codename X LP in its entirety and complain about the lack of dubstep. My point being, you would have to be a full-on, raving lunatic to suggest such an outlandish idea. As for the title track itself, I have no doubt that the majority of you will warm up to these sizzling drops. Please show some respect for a true dubstep mastermind.

5. London Nebel x Cosa & Kay - Don't Cry

The first time London Nebel teamed up with Cosa & Kay, they did not want us to smile. Now they are insisting that we do not cry either. Somebody clearly needs to tell these gifted producers to make up their damn minds, because these mixed messages are not doing anybody any favors. Okay, enough with the silliness, lets get down to that ornery bass line business. After watching multiple songs make the cut for Never Say Die Record's Black Label XL, "Don't Cry" was the obvious candidate to occupy a slot in our dirty drop hunger games. It's tenacious, relentless, and so, so much more. London Nebel might not be a commonplace name for most of you yet, but I can assure that this malicious individual is one of dubstep's baddest dudes.  

4. Barely Alive - Zombie Hunter

Heroically returning to the airwaves with their flashy Fiber Optic EP, the guys from Barely Alive are still shaking off a wicked hangover from their utterly intoxicating Torrent This EP. While this refreshing five-track collection from Disciple Recordings does not offer much dubstep material in general, the drops in "Zombie Hunter" certainly demand respect from every listener on the receiving end of this speaker-shattering tune. I know that we frequently discuss the importance of being physically prepared to go head-to-head with incomprehensibly nasty drops, but this Barely Alive humdinger requires that you are mentally prepared as well. Whether it's the piercing synths or the uproarious bass, these dubstep desperadoes make zero excuses for their messy habits.

3. Twine - Switchblade

Standing tall as the lone dubstep track featured on Twine's STRNG THRY EP, songs like "Switchblade" are what separate the boys from the men. Having developed a reputation as somewhat of a genre chameleon, predicting what Clark Robinson might unleash next is tougher than guessing the correct numbers for the Powerball lottery. This whippersnapper literally refuses to let anybody place a label on him - so props to him for that. With all the pressure to conform to dance music's 'commercial' sound nowadays, it is never easy for any up-and-comer to completely stick to their guns in this industry. Shifting our focus back towards the naughty bass number below, both drops in this possessed work of art are straight hell-raisers. Twine is the motherfucking truth, so stop lying to yourself.

2. Bukez Finezt - 68 Stitches

Strange is just not strange enough when it comes to the legend they refer to as Bukez Finezt. For bass music veterans that are tired of being spoon-fed the same generic brostep of riddim releases these days, this goofy German's unique style is an inexplicably wonderful breath of fresh air in an otherwise stifling dubstep scene. Take it all in while you can people, because after you build up the courage to travel halfway through "68 Stitches," you will be left wondering if you can even survive the latter chunk of this brutal bass music gashing. I still cannot decide what aspect of this teeth-clenching tune gets my blood pumping quicker - the eccentric song structure or the supernatural synth work? My pulse is already quickening just from thinking about this perfect pair of paralyzing drops. I implore you to familiarize yourself with Bukez Finezt immediately, before it's too late.

1. Trampa - Black Scorpion

#1 selections are reserved for fellas like Trampa. Sorry, it's just the way these things work. The man is way ahead of his time and still has so much potential to explore. Viewed as a staple on the previous couple of Black Label EP's, it was only natural that Never Say Die Records would enlist Rikki Moore for duty on Black Label XL. Following through on his commitment,  Trampa turns in one of his most whopping tunes to date with "Black Scorpion." The hype surrounding this particular track was nothing short of remarkable and a true testament to all the progress this musician has made. When drops this dangerous show up in your neck of the woods, somebody is going to have to pay the price - and today that somebody is you. Trampa is scheduled to headline Black Label's first official solo release with his Consciousness EP on February 23rd - but until then, this dubstep toe-tagger should keep you occupied.

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