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Annie Mac Premieres Diplo's Spin On 'Hey QT'

Diplo finally debuted his anticipated remix of QT's self-titled track 'Hey QT' with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1.

For those who may not yet be familiar with QT, she's a sparkling future pop sensation - albeit one who is set to warp and stretch the notion of what a pop star actually is on a global scale. 

While the track still holds slightly true to that signature Diplo sound, it promotes a vibe that doesn't seem to match the Mad Decent tastemakers usual choice of production. However, the collaboration doesn't come as too much of a shock considering Diplo is a big fan of SOPHIE, and 'Hey QT' was produced by SOPHIE and PC Music's AG Cook.

Year after year, Diplo continues to prove himself to be a ubiquitous cultural figure. He consistently bridges high and low, and mainstream and underground with remarkable work ethic and tact.  'Hey QT' is a reminder to fans why he is still unquestionably one of the most dynamic forces in music today.

Take a listen to the remix below.

[Release date TBC]

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