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Festival Fashion Pro Tips 001

The dance music community encapsulates various elements of the performing arts as more EDM festivals completely morph into full-scale sub-cultures of their own. In particular, fashion inside festivals grounds has become one of the leading aspects that contributes to the unparalleled electronic music festival atmosphere. As the 2015 festival season is quickly approaching, EDM.com is proud to present the first episode of our Festival Fashion Pro Tips series. Staff writer Emily Hall will be curating a weekly catalog of festival fashions geared towards the avid dance music festival attendee. Each week, Emily will put a spotlight on three various fashion trends that are fundamentally designed to enhance your experience.

Check out this week’s handpicked selections in our first edition of Festival Fashion Pro Tips:

1) Body Chain Jewelry

[Price point: $$-$$$$]

Whatever major electronic music festival you may be attending, understand that the majority of attendees are aiming to beat the heat by wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. It can get pretty hot depending on your location, and as a result of a lack of clothing, accessorizing from head to toe with the use of body chains has become a growing trend in the world of music festival couture. While the music festival rag trade is in full swing, attendees top off their festival-ready ensemble by draping rustic-looking body chains for a minimal yet statement-making look. Music festival fashionistas have been spotted throughout festival grounds modeling vintage-influenced pieces that exhibit a new age festival look for the non-basic attendee.

Body chains have expanded into an abundant occurrence at music and arts festivals around the globe. The body chain trend provides any festival-goer with the hipster-chic look they’ve been dreaming about since Vanessa Hudgens, who is notoriously referred to as a fashion queen of the back to back weekend blowout, was seen sporting the thigh chain at Coachella 2014. While the style first surfaced back in the 90s, they are making a serious resurgence within the music festival community as both silver and gold chains are often accompanied by natural stones, gems, and charms. If this seems like a contender for your next festival outfit, you can find some pretty rad (and cheap) body chains on Etsy or venture off and see where the Internet takes you and all your online shopping endeavors.

2) Temporary Metallic Tattoos

[Price point: $$]

With this being the inaugural festival fashion episode, it feels only right to call attention to one of the more globally recognized trends out there – temporary metallic tattoos. Music festivals have been an agent for freedom for decades, and the current EDM culture that exists today has brought the festival experience to the next level. For over 2,000 years, tattoos have represented similar qualities to that of a music festival including individuality, unity and freedom of expression. DJ Tigerlily has also been rocking her subsidiary of the worldwide trend alongside fellow Aussies Mimi Elashiry and Rochelle Fox a courtesy of their collaboration through iamu collective.

More recently, temporary flash tattoos have made a significant emergence at music festivals across the planet. Not only can you cover your entire body in a few minutes, but these nonpermanent, jewelry-inspired tattoos also boost the typical festie outfit up to a 10 out of 10. Flash tats are widely celebrated across dance floors everywhere as they produce a glowing, radiant tan on most skin tones. The flash-tat mania has festival-goers and even industry members masked with these golden pieces of foil that come together and truly create a work of art on the human body without commitment. For those of you who commonly wander from the mainstream pathway, you can still be one of a kind in a crowd of thousands as the video above uncovers the secret behind DIY temporary flash tattoos.

3) Festival Inspired Hairdos & Boho Braids

[Price point: Priceless]

This one is for all the hardcore music festival attendees with super lengthy, high maintenance hair. Speaking as a fellow female festival-goer, I am vocalizing the fact that music festivals are not too kind to our hair, especially if you find yourself in the midst of a multiple day camping festival. While showering conditions have gotten much easier than they used to be, I have noticed the alarming issue that I routinely depart the festival grounds with what is essentially a black hole in my hair. Through recent camping festivals, I have determined that it is, in fact, impossible to keep our long hair down and out of trouble while shuffling the night away.

I would love nothing more than to keep my hair flowing in the wind as I’m getting down to a killer set, but this is simply not possible. I've discovered that not only are we basically signing an agreement that we will walk out of the festival with a web of knots located in the depths of our hair, but others around us are subjected to a rudimentary horse’s tail whipping them in the face. While normally girls live, breathe, and sleep the motto “long hair, don’t care,” one must consider their fellow dancer. You can check out several useful festival-friendly hairdos below that will both help reduce the amount of whiplash others around you receive and avoid any post-festival mishaps as you attempt to remove the copious tangles from your hair. 

Cover photo via A Girls Gotta Shop

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