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Listen to Oliver Heldens' Remix of Calvin Harris' 'Outside'

Oliver Heldens just released an official remix of Calvin Harris' "Outside" featuring Ellie Goulding that stands out from his other work for what it left out. The "Gecko" producer must have really liked the original, because when he took it to the studio he hardly changed a thing.

All the way through the first verse, Heldens' remix sounds identical to the original save for subtle mixing changes. One of his deep, gravelly organ synth progressions underscores Goulding's breathy vocals during the chorus, but the string section remains virtually untouched. Heldens' only poignant contribution to the track takes the form of subtle drum sampling and a piano roll bridge - which itself sounds as though it could have been in the original.


Heldens will also soon release "Melody," a highly anticipated original that he previewed on SoundCloud last month, sometime next week.

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