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EDM.com Spotlight

Breaking Bad Actor Announces Breaking Beats DJ Tour

TV actors becoming DJs has become a huge trend in EDM lately. From Game of Thrones's Hodor touring Rave of Thrones to Pawn Stars co-star Chumlee DJing at a Vegas club, TV and electronic dance music are bridging the gap between entirely different mediums. RJ Mitte, famous for his role as Walt Jr. on modern classic Breaking Badannounced his side gig as a DJ a few weeks ago, and the young actor seems serious about propelling his DJ career to the next level. 

The Breaking Beats tour gives Mitte headlining DJ duties this April, complete with elaborate Breaking Bad-theming and props from the AMC show. Props will include rock candy inspired by the blue meth seen in the show, a breakfast buffet influenced by Walt Jr.'s love for breakfast and yellow hazmat suits that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman wore while cooking product. The tour hits New York City, Las Vegas, San Diego and more in April. 

To get excited, listen to an exclusive preview of some of the music that will be featured on Breaking Beats below:

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