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Watch the Video for "I Want You to Know" by Zedd and Selena Gomez

Zedd and Selena Gomez released the video for "I Want You to Know," their first collaborative track following the rumors of their budding relationship. Zedd and Gomez released the track last month after teasing at it with a short preview sample.

The video features little more than shots of Gomez dancing and flipping her hair in what looks like a popular Las Vegas nightclub. Every so often, the video cuts to a shot of Zedd - or of the two facing each other - with kaleidoscopic effects applied to the footage.

Sources close to the couple indicate that their relationship could be challenged by Zedd's upcoming album, as the young DJ/producer's reputation as a perfectionist suggests that applying the finishing touches to his album will take priority. On the other hand, he and Gomez have reportedly recorded more than one song together, so she may just as well play an integral role in the album's completion.

Photo credit: Yahoo Celebrity

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