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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch BT's Electronic Opus Come To Life In New Documentary

Every so often music surfaces on the airwaves that truly represents the voice of the people and BT, the world renowned trance producer, has done exactly that. Instead of simply pushing himself to make the perfect album, he took things a step further by sessioning one hundred musicians and soliciting help from thousands of fans whose efforts all contributed to the final product. The result became a community-sourced project that bridged lines between the past and present, as well as acoustic and digital sounds. The Kickstarter-funded endeavor materialized as BT’s Electronic Opus, an electronic, symphonic production that metamorphosed over a dozen of his most popular tracks into an EDM meets night at the Philharmonic hybrid.

As previously stated, the album was conceived from the creative deity that is BT’s mind but to bring it to life, he called on a team of innovators that are experts in their respective fields. To oversee every intricacy of the recording process, Tommy Tallarico, the award-winning composer, and Video Games Live creator, was asked to enroll as Electronic Opus’ executive producer. To round out the triumvirate, the gentleman brought on Eimear Noone to conduct the orchestra, a celebrity in the video game community for her work scoring “World of Warcraft.”

To better demonstrate the elaborate nature of such a magnanimous undertaking, the recording sessions were filmed and compiled into a documentary that both entertains and widens the understanding of the album. Check out the documentary below and look for more BT exclusives on EDM.com in the coming weeks as he slowly reveals the magic behind Electronic Opus


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