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BT Breaks World Record for Most Vocal Edits in One Song, Again

Trance veteran BT just took to Twitter to announce that a track on his upcoming Kickstarter-funded "dream project" will break the Guinness World Record for most vocal edits in one song. He already holds the current record for his 2003 track "Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)," which required 6,178 edits, but purports that his upcoming orchestral re-imagining of the same song has required more than 10,000.

BT's use of vocal edits has earned him a reputation by no means confined to world records. Widely considered the pioneer of the "stutter edit" - a technique by which short vocal samples are incorporated rhythmically into a track's composition - he branched out from trance and left a lasting imprint on the nu-skool breaks genre with his 1999 album Movement in Still Life. The vocal edits that helped him set the current record were made using sample editing software BIAS Peak. Although BIAS Inc. ceased all business operations in 2012, the advancement of other applications likely contributed to the ease with which BT was able to top his record. 

The track will be featured on BT's upcoming effort Electronic Opus, for which he raised $200,000 and enlisted the help of composer and Video Games Live founder Tommy Tallarico. The album is slated for release on March 29.

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