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New Study Calculates The Nightlife Economy

Eventbrite has released a study that calculates the average cost of a night out for the typical EDM fan. The study focuses on six cities across the United States that are labeled as hot spots in the nightlife community: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Austin. Eventbrite analyzed various data from over 10,000 nightlife events throughout February to December 2014 in order to break down how much the average nightlife enthusiast spends a night.

While the study is comprised of nightlife events including music, film, media, performing and visual arts, fashion, charities, and causes, yet Eventbrite’s illustrates that 64% of all nightlife tickets are for music events. The study also determined that New York City maintains the highest ticket prices while Austin, Texas proved to provide the cheapest music ticket options. With music tickets, drinks, transportation, and late-night snacks in mind, Eventbrite demonstrated the breakdown of each individual city and how their music fans are spending their money while out on the town:

Eventbrite also noted a few interesting fun facts about each city, referencing the total amount spent per night, transportation solutions, where people get their late-night fix, and more. The study reported that Atlanta, Georgia sold over 220,000 tickets to nightlife events while Chicago displays the highest overall price spent per night. San Francisco appears to be the biggest fan of ridesharing when it comes to transportation at events while New York City music fans opt for the subway or taxi lifestyle. Across each of the previously mentioned nightlife economies, the study illustrates the average music fan spends roughly $81 when going out for the night.

You can check out the full study for each city below:

New York City, New York
San Francisco, California
Austin, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
Atlanta, Georgia

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