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TrollPhace Gives Back With Free Show

TrollPhace gives back in the best possible fashion

TrollPhace has been the brains behind a charitable bass music gathering of unprecedented proportions. Scheduled to take place at Legacy in Atlanta this upcoming weekend, the lineup for the free charity event is stacked. Calling in some favors from close buddies like Dubloadz, Algo and JuJu, this musician clearly had no trouble recruiting a rock-solid lineup of dubstep heathens to perform alongside of. The generous sponsors of the EDM benefit bash include v8pBAR, Phase Management and Uplink Audio among many others. 

After recently delivering a heartfelt message via Facebook, TrollPhace's legion of loyal fans are showing up in heavy numbers to voice their support. From his days of playing dingy bars with a modest crowd of 25, to now having Skrillex on speed-dial, Damon Orienti really did start from the bottom. If you're wondering what TrollPhace been up to musically, check out his collaboration with 12th Planet and JuJu below. 

Most of you are probably wondering how it all goes down. Well, admittance to the show is 100% free. The doors open at 9:00pm EST, so if you were not able to snag a presale ticket in advance, it would be in your best interest to show up a little bit early. The venue is expected to reach capacity. It is a free show after all. Any patrons that would like to pay $10 for a VIP upgrade may do so and the proceeds will go directly to The Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

The venue will be equipped with a wide variety of vendor and sponsor booths. Head over to the v8pBAR expo stand to find TrollJuice and other vape accessories. Go introduce yourself to the performers while they are conducting their meet and greet. Or just lay low in the crowd and vibe on some top-notch dubstep all night. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy your evening, you can do so knowing its for a good cause. 

Like TrollPhace said, “It’s the spirit and the vibe of the fans, such as yourself, that keeps our crew going, evolving, and innovating.” Ain't that the truth.

For more information on this free party, visit the Facebook event page for 'TrollPhace Gives Back' here

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