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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM's Biggest Acts Predict The Future of Electronic Music

For as long as music has existed, it has never been able to stand still. The passage of time inevitably means that music will continue to evolve. In the modern age, this tends to happen at a quicker rate, and the trending flavor this year will certainly taste old in the next.

Throwed Mag reached out to artists and asked them what they thought this year will hold in store for electronic music. There were some common themes, as many believe that groovier, soulful sounds are the way of the future.

Deeper & groovier sounds are becoming more and more popular, melodic sounds seem to be making a comeback. - 3LAU

I'm hoping it's more music from the soul, more music with feeling and less noise but I do see the Future House/Deep House sound going big. - Henrix

Others mentioned the inevitable incorporation of live instrumental to electronic:

Finding more interesting ways to perform electronic music beyond the DJ decks whether that's through midi or live instrumentation.  - Autograf

Check out the article in full over at Throwed to see what others think, including NERVOWhiiiteAudrey Napoleon, and The Chainsmokers!

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Photo Credit by David Iwane via Ultra 5280

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