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EDM.com Spotlight

Nightclub in Panama City Caught Posing As A Church

While many of us jokingly attribute our religion to EDM, one event planner out of Florida has taken this concept to the next level. From the exterior, The Tabernacle Life Center: A Spiritual Community is a youth-based church group offering safe alternatives to youngsters trying to have fun while figuring out their relationship with God. However, in reality, it's a nightclub that consistently throws parties.

The likely scenario that spawned this idea was the benefit of operating under the tax codes of a religious organization while profiting by accepting 'donations' at the door. The Tabernacle is sticking to their guns, and still claim they are a safe place for youngsters to come and party alcohol and drug-free. They have lost their tax-exempt status but will continue to hold events at this point. You can see their official response below, which was taken directly from their website:

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Photo Credit by Dancing Astronaut

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