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Venue Security Pulls Gun On Getter During Concert, Steals jPhelpz's Wallet

In an unfortunate series of events, hired security at a venue in New Jersey got into a confrontation with the dubstep producer Getter which resulted in theft and assault. While jPhelpz was playing his opening set, the security stole his wallet out of his backpack in the green room and demanded that everyone vacate the room. Getter challenged the security and they pulled a gun on him. The incident took place at the Wild Bull and was hosted by Vibe Sphere Entertainment, although sources have stated that neither of the promoters were responsible for the security guards' actions and the crime was committed off venue property.

It only gets worse as jPhelpz is unable to fly out of New Jersey because his phone and wallet were stolen from him during the robbery. Due to lack of communication, money, and identification, Getter is offering a reward of $500 to whoever can help recover the stolen items.

While the situation appears to be improving, it is still inexcusable for contracted security staff to organize and pull a crime like this. jPhelpz is back on the Twitter-sphere saying that he should be able to board his flight despite the unfortunate incident. 

UPDATE: Two videos have arisen of the incident - the first clip shows Dubloadz being removed from the backstage area by security, and the second video gives a glimpse of the argument outside, which leads to fists being thrown. Watch the clips below:

Cover photo via Beatport

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