EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Australian Mini-Documentary Addresses The Live DJ Debate

In a world where DJs are often dubbed as "button pushers," there's a select group of artists working hard to create live shows that are putting the 'press play' DJ theory to rest. These artists are taking their live performances to the next level by incorporating an array of live instruments and digital technology that showcase their musical abilities outside of the studio. 

Jack Daniels as a part of their #JDFutureLegends campaign, enlisted Pilerats to produce 'A Day in the Live', a mini-documentary that delves into the thoughts, vibes and music of a number of Australian artists working to fuse the differences between DJs and Bands as well as live and electronic performances. Crooked Colours, Indian Summer,Benson, Kilter, Cosmo’s Midnight, Young Franco, Ribongia, Luke Million and Frames and Roleo all make an appearance in the documentary to offer up their own thoughts and theories on the definition of a 'live performance' in the digital age.

Forget the USBs, this roster of next-gen talent are rewriting the rules for electronic music shows, delivering performances that are fresh, innovative and engaging. Check out the full documentary above. 

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