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EDM.com Spotlight

Dr. Fresch Drops G-House Original 'Walk That Talk' Featuring Thewz

G-house is picking up some incredible traction in today's club scene, and there is an army of hip-hop-influenced, bass-slinging producers that are truly pushing this catchy, hybrid sound. Amongst these producers and djs stands Dr.Fresch, who has certified his place in the G-House scene with his remixes of Notorious B.I.G., Gucci ManeBig Boi, and more.

The LA-based producer is now ready to take the next step forward, collaborating with rapper Thewz to release his first original G-House track called "Walk That Talk." Premiered exclusively via the bass house collective Echelon, Dr. Fresch and Thewz bridge the gap between deep house and West Coast hip-hop in true fashion, implementing raw lyrical schemes over a varied deep house-meets-trap bassline.

Check out the track and snag your free download below:

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