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Nero Teases Release Details for New Music

The life of a Nero fan can be a bit of a roller coaster. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the trio operates more like a traditional band: they release an album and go silent for years until the next release. Many fans expected album news when the group's single "Satisfy" released 10 months ago, but the only mention of a new album came from a sound engineer working on the mastering for a new LP. After months of anticipation, it's officially been confirmed that new music is on the way. Nero posted a new message on their social media outlets simply saying, "'The Thrill' - 19.03.15 - 7:20pm GMT." Teasing a new single, Nero's inclusion of the timestamp could be a clue that Annie Mac will be dropping the track during her show on BBC Radio 1

Get psyched for the new release by listening to their most recent single, "Satisfy," below:

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