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EDM.com Spotlight

Glow Tents for Next Level Festival Camping

There's something special about camping festivals. They create a sense of community, as attendees come together to build a home away from home. That community aspect forges an even stronger appreciation for the music and musicians that bring us together. Unfortunately, sometimes Mother Nature hits a festival hard, leaving your tent strewn in a jumbled mess miles away. Luckily, the French company Orange has been on top of it with the development of a futuristic tent that alleviates many plights of the festival attendee. 

This tent, dubbed the Glastonbury Sonar Tent, is made of photovoltaic fabric that harnesses solar energy. The tent comes equipped with outlets so that solar energy can be used to charge phones, cameras and other festival essentials. The solar energy even powers wireless Internet and a flexible LCD screen. Perhaps the coolest part of the tent comes from its glo-cation technology, which makes the tent glow when the owner communicates via a phone call, text or RIFD. Imagine being able to set the mood or quickly spot your home base in the sea of tents with a few taps on your phone. 

Watch a video explanation of the tent below:

[H/T: Pulse 2.0]

Photo Credit: Orange 

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