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EDM.com Spotlight

Countdown to Major Lazer's 'Peace Is The Mission' Commences

In anticipation of Major Lazer's upcoming album, Peace is the Mission, a web domain of the same name has been populated with an online countdown to its release. The third full-length studio album of Diplo's world-famous side project, Peace is the Mission will be the group's first of two major album releases in 2015.

"I've been thinking about the way to explain our record to people and I think the first album was just learning the stereotypes about dancehall and it was funny," Diplo told Clash Music. "The second was us aligning ourselves with what's happening in the music scene - but this is definitely our own sound. Our own language. It's easy for us to make drumrolls and - boosh - a drop and a big, fun hook, but we're making songs that'll hopefully stand the test of time." 

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