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Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte Previews Tour With New Mix

Ready or not, RJ Mitte has dropped a preview of his forthcoming mix titled #Breaking Beats that gives fans a taste of what they can expect from the emerging producer during his Spring tour. While you may know him better as Walter Junior from the acclaimed AMC TV show Breaking Bad, Mitte has proved to the electronic dance music community that he isn't just a one trick pony. The tour preview mix incorporates a range of electronic genres, ranging from deep house to uplifting progressive house to explosive electro.

Check out the preview below to get an idea of what you might hear from Mitte live.

On top of dropping a preview to his forthcoming #Breaking Beats mix, Mitte announced earlier this week that he would be embarking on a five-stop tour across North America. Hosted by CEG, his tour will span from New York City, New York, to San Diego, California, giving his fans across the U.S. the opportunity to experience the beats at Breaking Bad themed events complete with "rock candy inspired by the blue meth seen in the show, a breakfast buffet influenced by Walt Jr.'s love for breakfast and yellow hazmat suits that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman wore while cooking product."

You can purchase tickets for RJ Mitte's debut tour here.

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