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CubeSequencer Uses Rubik's Cubes as a Synthesizer

While most live controllers hitting the market aim to simplify the process of looping beats, a new synthesizer designed by producer/sound engineer Håkan Libdo called CubeSequencer uses Rubik's Cubes to turn the process into a full-on puzzle.

In October, Libdo designed Mastermind, an online game in which players can influence lights in the windows of an actual, real-life building through music. For his new project, the techie has teamed up with Per-Olov Jernberg and Romeo Brahasteneau. The two oversaw programming/visual design and the layout of the game board, respectively.


The synthesizer consists of a grid of four square settings and a camera fixed above them. Placing Rubik's Cubes in each setting controls the audio output of the sequencer. The instrument and frequency of each note depends on the arrangement of colors on the top-facing side of the cube while its placement on the game board dictates the pitch and chronological order of each note.

"But why does it have to be easy?" Libdo asks of the creative process behind music production. "Most of today’s electronic music tools have a low learning curve. But the Cube Sequencer is not easy. Just like learning how to play the violin or chess—or to solve the Rubik’s Cube, this takes time to master."

In addition to creating obscure tech designs, Libdo has been releasing his own music since the 80's.  

Photo Credit: Håkan Libdo

[H/T: The Creators Project]

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