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Watch Future Music Festival Headliners Try To Sing 'Sandstorm'

Darude's 2000 trance hit "Sandstorm" has more or less become the "Freebird" of EDM. While perhaps symptomatic of the kitsch of yesteryear's mainstream dance music, its reputation as the longest-running gag in electronic music still makes for novel placements to this day. Most recently, for instance, InTheMix asked a handful of headliners at Future Music Festival in Australia if they can sing the anthem during a video interview. Being that "Sandstorm" doesn't have any lyrics, the results are nothing short of hilarious.

Highlights include vocal interpretations by the likes of Martin Garrix, whose own chart topper, "Animals," has galvanized a similar phenomenon to "Sandstorm" since its 2013 release. English duo Gorgon City gives the challenge a valiant effort. Staying true to his reputation as an aloof Chicago house purist, Green Velvet responds "What's his name again?" referring to the producer of the infamous track. Kiesza has a little fun and takes the opportunity to improvise upon the progression of the original. Darude himself playfully declined, remarking "I'd rather do it with a synthesizer."

Art Department and Carnage were among others who didn't shy away from the lighthearted dare. While the good-natured Darude famously maintains a grateful attitude towards the one-hit-wonder reputation he's garnered because of "Sandstorm," he often cites more contemporary tracks like "Selfless" and "In The Darkness" as those that define his career moving forward.

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