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EDM.com Spotlight

iXoost Makes Sound Systems Out of High-End Car Exhausts

Italian tech company iXoost recycles Formula 1 race car exhausts and uses them to design state-of-the-art novelty sound systems. The dock stations, which are compatible with iPhones and other MP3 players, showcase the sleek craftsmanship of Italian race cars by fitting their exhaust pipes with speakers and subwoofers.

The product line marks a collaborative relationship between Modena designers Matteo Panini and Mirco Pecorari. Thanks to Pecorar's background in planes, the brand is also able to offer Radial 6 aerial designs, which incorporate the nose cones and cylinders of classic radial planes. The designers purport that these plane parts actually enhance the system's sound with a particular fullness.

The sound systems start at a whopping €5,250, nearly $5,600, making them serious collector's items.  

[H/T: Mixmag]

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